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Laser Wellness & Low Level Laser Therapy

Laser Wellness is a natural healing system that can help you achieve better health outcomes faster and more successfully using laser technology. The use of lasers to help improve health is known as Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLT). It works based on the same principles as acupuncture, but rather than use needles we use low-level laser and bio-electrical stimulation.

We combine the ancient principles of the meridian system and acupuncture protocols with the modern technology of Low Level Laser Therapy giving you an advanced form of health care. Our new model in health care looks at the body as a whole.

The Laser Wellness systems offers you:

  • shutterstock_93753712Modern low-level laser therapies applied to the body’s meridian system
  • Dramatic success rates based on client feedback from around the world
  • One hour appointments
  • Low cost treatments
  • Painless and drug free
  • Certified Laser Technicians
  • Private and confidential
  • Individual consultations
  • Printouts and CDs
  • Ongoing support

shutterstock_175699133With the laser therapy we offer at Laser Wellness, clients can easily control addictions and achieve their goals in all areas of self-improvement. We can help you to manage over 60 health problems, including managing your weight, severe or chronic pain, addictions to nicotine, stress and sleep disorders.

Laser is completely non-invasive and clients often report sensations including warmth, tingling or pulsating. The application is external at the various, specific energy points.

This form of therapy is drug-free, painless and highly effective with immediate results. After twenty years of use, no adverse side effects have ever been associated with Laser Therapy.

Our Equipment

Neuroprobe 500 Laser System

neuroprobe 500 proThe Neuroprobe 500 Laser System is a complete work station which is being used in over 10,000 clinics world-wide.

It offers a unique combination of electrotherapy, laser and electro-acupuncture programs to give us a wide range of modalities all-in-one device so we can accurately and safely apply non-invasive and painless techniques to benefit our clients.

It allows us to use Interferential Current Therapy, Low Power Laser Therapy and non-invasive Acupuncture Electrostimulation to address a wide range of conditions and help you improve your wellbeing in a holistic, painless and safe way.

AcuGraph Digital Meridian Imaging System

acugraph-web-picAcupuncture points and channels conduct electricity differently than the surrounding skin and it has been shown that anomalies in electrical resistance measurements indicate meridian dysfunction.

AcuGraph Digital Meridian Imaging is a computer software and hardware system that uses these same principles combined with modern statistical analysis to measure electrical resistance and correlate the results with abnormalities in the flow of Qi energy. The software then produces summary information and recommendations in charts and graphs.

AcuGraph clarifies the picture by providing insight and analysis you can’t get in any other way. Added to other assessment methods, AcuGraph gives you the complete picture for the best treatment. It shows visual proof of exactly what is wrong and how a treatment will help.

Special Note

At Laser Wellness we complement treatments by other health care professionals and are not meant to replace medical attention. We recommend that you consult your physician for diagnosis of your health issues.

Contraindications: Pregnancy, Cancer, Photosensitive Medications, Specific Pacemakers

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