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Welcome to Laser Wellness

Laser Wellness is a Natural Health Centre and part of the Imagine Laserworks® Global Laser Treatment Centres. We use advanced, complementary and drug-free therapies in all areas of self-improvement and addictions.

The principles of caring and being passionate about your health is what makes us unique. Your quality of life is important to us and is what motivates us. Certified Laser Technicians will help you reach your goals quickly and safely.

We are not medical doctors, we do not prescribe drugs, treat or diagnose illness and our therapy is not meant to replace medical care. We recommend that you consult your physician for diagnosis of your health issues.

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Our Services

Quit Smoking

Stop smoking for good in less than 1 hour! Laser therapy is safe, easy, affordable and effective with dramatic success rates.

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Weight Management

Control appetite, stimulate metabolism, and lose weight. Low-level laser treatments are your easiest way to shed those unwanted kilograms.

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Pain Relief

Low-level laser treatments can help manage and reduce pain and discomfort associated with a wide range of conditions.

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Depression and Anxiety

Therapeutic laser treatments can relieve feelings of anxiety and depression, produce calmness and increase emotional well-being.

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